ConservaPatagonia seeks to develop investment projects in the Chilean Patagonia that cater to those interested in private conservation. To this end we use a private conservation model that gives each owner the opportunity to contribute to and enjoy a private natural reserve.

Why Chilean Patagonia? Chile’s Patagonia has positioned itself as an atractive destination for those looking for real state investment opportunities within the framework of sustainable development. The main traits that attract investors are easy access to the land, privacy and closeness to lakes and rivers. The increased interest in the purchase of land in this area of the country has led to a rise in prices, a trand that has only just begun, specially in the areas near Cerro Castillo and Lake General Carrera.

Patagonia, which in its origins was a remote destination for the most adventurous travelers, is today an attractive region for an increasing number of visitors of all kinds, cruise passengers crossing Cape Horn or visiting Antarctica, and adventure tourists searching for thrilling outdoor activities.

Thus, Chilean Patagonia is well stablished as one of the places where people go when searching for a convervationist model that protects and recovers our most valuable and increasingly scarce resources: Water, clean air, organic foods and a sustainable lifestyle far away from the chaotic pace of modern cities.


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