The Origin

ConservaPatagonia has its origin in our trips to the Carretera Austral during the 90s and early 2000s. We saw the raw beauty of its mountains, forests, volcanoes, glaciers, rivers and lakes as well as the hospitality of its simple yet wise people, and we have kept coming back for more.

During these trips our passion for Patagonia was born; it is a land foreign to modern civilization but close to nature and in touch with human nature. A starry Patagonian night or a hike through its marvelous landscape is an amazing display of immense beauty that we must live and preserve.

This is how ConservaPatagonia was born and what gave it its adventurous and conservationist nature. We wish to contribute to the long term preservation of Chilean Patagonian flora, fauna, natural resources and its beauty. To that effect, we have developed a concept for our projects that allows us to blend passion and respect for nature with sound investment.

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