The Property

Our first project in Patagonia meets the basic requirements on which our vision is based; river or lake shore, no human alteration, good access and privacy. The property also has a feature that makes it very accesible and more suitable for sustainable development: half of the property is flat and firm, which makes it appropriate for the sustainable enjoyment of nature.

This magnificent piece of land in the upper part of the glacial valley of the Murta River consists of 875 hectares of virgin Chilean Patagonia, free of livestock and forestry exploitation. It is also unique for its inaccessibility until now, which adds to its indomitable character. Each property has a flat area of firm terrain with scrub forest and an area of native adult forest, as well as access toMurta River shore.



The property is located about 160 km south of the City of Coyhaique in the municipality of Río Ibañez, Aysén Region. The main access road is on Route 7, or Carretera Austral, less than 2:30 hours from Balmaceda Airport, at Las Ovejas Bridge. Once there, we travel 40 minutes along road that climbs up the Rio Murta valley between a thick evergreen forest and the riverbank.

The Carretera Austral is currently undergoing paving work. There are 85 km currently finished from Balmaceda Airport until the Lago Verde area, 13.5 km past Villa Cerro Castillo. In may 2019 funds where allocated to pave another sector, from Lago Verde to Puente de la Cascada, which spans another 16.5 km. The preparations to begin paving the area between Puente de la Cascada and the San Sebastian Sector are also underway and work will commence shortly. In total, there will be 101 km of pavement between Balmaceda and Puente de las Ovejas by 2021, which leaves only 30 km of gravel road until the entrance of the private road at Murta River Valley.



Fauna and Flora

Along the bank of the property there are about 450 ha of Native Schrub Forest, alternating native shrub species such as Chauras, Chilcos and Calafates with small forests of Ñires, Canelos, Tepas and Mañíos. On the side of the valley there are 425 ha of thick Native Adult Forest of the Evergreen type with centennial specimens of Coigües and Lengas.

The fauna in Alto Río Murta is very varied and abundant due to its previous inaccessibility to humans, which has kept it free of forestry and livestock exploitation. There are many native birds, Patagonian gray foxes, Pumas, Huiñas (wild cats), etc. In the Murta River, as well as in the interior stream that flows through the property, we find salmon, trout, carp and “pejerreyes”.


Properties in Alto Rio Murta

The estate will be subdivided into properties of a suitable size for preservation of the area and a remaining 75 hectare zone. The project is based on a conservationist model which focuses on caring for the natural environment and protecting the native flora and fauna.

Each property will have access to the shore of the river, road access and freeflowing water.

Our co-ownership model is focused on preservation and gives each future owner the opportunity to co-own a nature reserve in one of the most ecologically rich areas of our planet. This model contemplates sustainable develpment of private residences as long as they adhere to certain environmentaly friendly criteria.


Santiago de Chile
2:15 non-stop flight with low cost options.
Balmaceda Airport
By car less than 2:30 hours on the Austral road.
Puente las Ovejas
Around 40 minutes along a gravel road.
Alto Río Murta
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